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Consolidated Travel

What we do

Our core function is to provide airlines and travel agencies with a simple and cost effective distribution model. Utilising our customer centric developed travel technology, we provide comprehensive and up to date airline fare offerings and transacting complete ticketing requirements for travel agents across Australia, a practice commonly referred to as consolidation.

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About Consolidated Travel

Spanning over 50 years, Consolidated Travel is the largest privately owned and operated distributor of airline products in Australia and is one of only four consolidators for airlines throughout Australia. Consolidated Travel Group provides a full product suite to over 3000 retail Travel Agents.

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Our Services

Consolidated Travel Group facilitates the ticketing requirements for travel agents on behalf of over 250 global airlines. Our technology allows for tickets to be issued from anywhere at anytime throughout Australia.

Consolidated Travel Group provides access to airfare information through its market leading database, Quikfares. This allows travel agents to access current airfare information in a simple and efficient manner. 

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Our Technology

Consolidated Travel continually invests in our in house Technology to maintain and develop the latest cutting edge travel technology solutions. The Quik brand is the recognised trade mark used to identify the Consolidated Travel technology systems available for our clients. 

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